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In 2009 the world was introduced to Bitcoins though this digital currency did not start to become mainstream until recently. 2020 is shaping up to be an excellent year for Bitcoins because an increasing number of online merchants are beginning to accept this currency, including websites that offer sports betting.

Showing bettors how to use Bitcoins to participate in online sports betting anonymously is something that is important to do. Throughout the world, but especially in the U.S. the government has been working hard to shut down sports betting sites in an attempt to discourage people from wanting to use them. Sportsbooks that accept Bitcoins give gamblers the opportunity to bet on their favorite sports games without having to disclose credit card information and other personal information. This prevents people from having to deal with bookies to place offline bets on live sporting events.

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Top 3 Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Purchasing Bitcoins For Sports Betting

The first step in using Bitcoins for sports betting sites (or anything else) is to purchase a bitcoin and then join a bitcoin exchange. There are several popular Bitcoin exchanges to choose from but Coinbase is among the best. Based in North America, people can use Coinbase to sell, purchase or trade Bitcoins with other users.

Whenever a Bitcoin user makes a profit they are advised to sell their Bitcoins in exchange for US currency. Gambling as to whether the market will go up or down is not a good strategy because many big swings have unexpectedly occurred in the market previously. Gambling on the price of Bitcoins is not something its users can afford to do. When purchasing Bitcoins or using them to place a wager at sports betting site it is not necessary to purchase or wager the entire thing. People who don’t realize this are likely to waste their Bitcoins needlessly.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Deposits & Withdrawals

Under normal circumstances when one joins a sports betting site they must provide certain types of personal information. People who make a deposit with their credit card are required to complete an authorization form before they can withdraw money from their sports book account. Wagering online often involves jumping through many hoops.

Bitcoin sports betting sites allow people to sign up by providing nothing more than their chosen username, an email address where they can be reached and a password for the account. When a person’s account has been activated they can then send Bitcoins from their online wallet to their account with the sports book. Any deposit a person makes using Bitcoins is processed right away, allowing them to start betting on games immediately.

Before Bitcoins became an option people had to provide a copy of their passport, license or recent utility bill in order to be able to withdraw money from a sports betting account. Using Bitcoins eliminates the need to go through this.

People simply ask their sports book for a payout and provide the details that identify their particular Bitcoin wallet. Once they have done this they can receive their withdrawal. Skilled bookies dealing with Bitcoins are able to process a person’s payments within a few hours. When a sports book use has obtained Bitcoins they can sell them and have the money deposited directly into their bank account. - Sportsbook of the Month

BetOnline sports with their top of the line sportsbook platform and up to date betting lines, BetOnline has been voted as a number sportsbook of the month. Fast bitcoin deposits and payouts puts BetOnline on top of our list.

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Sports Betting Bitcoin Betting Benefits:

Bitcoin betting within sports books allows users to remain completely anonymous. Benefits include not needing to worry that the government will shut down Bitcoin exchange, as government is not allowed to monitor, regulate or interfere with it.

Though Bitcoin fees are encountered they are small fees. Players who participate in sports betting sites in the U.S. usually use P2P transfers, which come with steep fees. Making these transfers causes people to lose roughly 10% of the minimum amount they transfer. This is a handicap that can prevent people from winning money on sports betting sites. Sports books that accept Bitcoins can be used by people in any country. There are no restrictions on who can open and use a Bitcoin account. While U.S. players are normally restricted from using sports book sites, the same cannot be said for those who use Bitcoins.

Live betting odds are extremely soft on sports betting sites. The ones that use Bitcoins move the odds at a slower pace than the ones that don’t use Bitcoins.

Since sports book aren’t losing money on fees they can offer bigger bonuses to players. The fees incurred through the use of Bitcoins are very small, whereas the fees incurred through the use of credit cards are much higher. Bookies that accept Bitcoins avoid having to pay expensive processing fees, which frees more money up for player bonuses.

Over the previous two years nothing else has helped the Bitcoin industry grow like online casinos have. Players want to know that there are banking options at their disposal that are secure and safe to use. They also want to know that they can use Bitcoins to avoid having to give out personal information. Bitcoins will likely become more popular as a growing number of merchants begin to accept them for payment. The popularity of the Bitcoin should cause its value to increase rather than decreasing.

The growth of Bitcoins will be a long process and by the time 2140 is here the amount of Bitcoins in existence will top out at 21 million. Since Bitcoins cannot be created on demand, as paper currency can, the number of Bitcoins in existence will fluctuate according to how much they are used.

Sports bettors are causing the Bitcoin to become more coveted and they will likely increase in value as a result. As of now, Bitcoins are the best option for anyone who wants to gamble online. Bitcoin users will continue to be anonymous, the fees will stay low and as a currency Bitcoins will be secure.


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