Bitcoin Poker Rooms

Though Bitcoins were not designed to be used in online Poker games they have significantly contributed to the growing popularity of playing America’s favorite card game online. Online payments have become more simplified thanks to Bitcoins. Between this and the fact that they let people be anonymous virtually anyone can now become involved in the world of online gambling.

Obtaining Bitcoins for the first time can be a difficult process but once an individual has acquired them they are easy to use. Online Poker rooms in which players can place bets using Bitcoins don’t need to ask for personal information when one isopening a new account.

The Purchasing of Bitcoins

Perhaps the biggest reason not everyone is gambling online yet is because not everyone has Bitcoins at this time. The first step in being able to gamble online with Bitcoins is to acquire them.

This guide shows new users how to join Coinbase, which is a large Bitcoin exchange where people can link their Bitcoin account to their already existing bank account. For those residing in the U.S. joining Coinbase is the easiest way to obtain Bitcoins. Other methods of joining a Bitcoin exchange will also be explained, though some of them do involve having to give personal information.

Any new Bitcoin user who wants to remain anonymous should avoid joining the larger name exchanges. Many of them require users to submit information to identify themselves and agree to have their Bitcoin transactions kept track of. Those who do not want their transactions to be tracked (which is often the case for individuals using Bitcoins for online gambling) are better off buying Bitcoins from a trader that is local to them. is one site where local traders can be found.

How It Works

Easy steps to open an online bitcoin poker account and fund it with purchased bitcoins. Follow steps below:


Choose your bitcoin poker room


Select Your Poker Bonus


send bitcoins and start player poker

Popular Bitcoin Poker Rooms

Comparing Poker Sites

One decision that must be made is where an individual will play Poker online. Here is a list of Bitcoin reviews that one can use to choose their preferred online casino. Since using Bitcoins is easy it is possible for Bitcoin users to easily switch which site they play Poker at. This gives players a chance to test out more than one online casino before choosing the one they like the best. Players who are looking to enter into high stakes games will want to consider the rakes of each online casino when comparing them.

Like all businesses online casinos need to make money. The cut they take from players wagers often come straight from the pot each player is trying to win. This leads to an increased amount of rakes taken out of the pots players rely on for their winnings. A savvy card player will be sure to determine which Poker room takes the smallest rake out of the pot.

The Global Nature of Bitcoin

Since Bitcoins are used through the Internet no one is prohibited from using them regardless of current currency or gambling regulations. Players scattered throughout the world can come together to enjoy their favorite casino games online. In the past people would be limited to only playing with others who were using the same currency they were. It is not easy for any government to track Bitcoin use, meaning that even if a player lives in a country where online gambling is banned he or she can still participate in it.

In the past when Poker websites were designed they were designed for players in specified locations. There were not many currencies that could be used on Poker websites and those websites were monitored by authorities. This is in great contrast to Bitcoin Poker sites that only have to deal with that type of currency, yet they can welcome players from all over the world.