Bitcoin Merchants & Stores

We have informed you about the bitcoin world, showed you where to mine or even how to buy it. However, if you already have the bitcoin in your wallet and are simply looking for a place to spend them, this page will guide you in the right direction. There are offline and online bitcoin sites that will accept bitcoin as the payment, so make sure you double check at the checkout. There are many directory websites online that provide you with a list of merchants accepting bitcoin. However, they might not be up-to-date or simply the merchant tried bitcoin as the payment methods and decide not to use it.

We here on the other hand have tested and reviewed each store listed here on this page. This should save you a couple of hours of frustrating google search. Perhaps the most known online store that accepts bitcoin is TigerDirect and

Bitcoin Merchants & Stores

Another great e-commerce website is Shopify which added bitcoin as the payment method last year. They offer a list providing customers with 75 places to spend your bitcoin, which can be viewed here. If for some reason you cannot find a bitcoin merchant or the store that does not have the product or a service you are looking for, you can always refer to converting your bitcoin to a gift card which can be used at any major store like Walmart, Amazon or even Target.