Bitcoin is the world’s newest type of monetary currency. It is not controlled by any one organization and is not centralized. Bitcoins are an open-source project and are used by people all around the world. All transactions are preformed without the middle man, meaning no banks. For anonymity your real name or address is not required. Our team will help direct you to all the resources you need to get started.

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bitcoin wallets

Bitcoin wallets to store your bitcoins offline or online. The personal bitcoin wallet would be installed on your PC.

bitcoin exchanges is the best place to buy and sell your bitcoins. Once bank account verified, you’re all set.

Bitcoin Stores

With the popularity of bitcoin, more and more online merchants are accepting bitcoin as one of their payment methods.

bitcoin Gambling Sites

Many popular online gambling sites offer first time bitcoin depositors exclusive welcome bonuses.

Why Cryptocurrencies?

The first form of digital currency which is not created by a central government and its very anonymous. In case you wondered if there is an actual coin, and the answer is no, there is no physical coin. Computers are used to create Bitcoins, by solving a complex algorithms and locating blocks which contained Bitcoins. Each user in the Bitcoin network works together without banks or processors interfering. The freedom and security Bitcoins offer people is part of what makes them so popular. As emails can be sent for free and video calls can too, Bitcoins give people a very cheap way to send money all over the world. Since Bitcoins are a peer-to-peer payment system, online banks cannot interfere. No other currency it competes with is as convenient as Bitcoins are. This means people are adopting the use of Bitcoins more and more each day.

Fast and Global

Bitcoin transactions are used worldwide and are fastest way to transfer funds. You do not have to wait for 3-7 banking days for the transfer to complete. Bitcoin transactions do not need a central banking approval.



Bitcoin buying is so easy and simple, its like ordering an item from Amazon. Once you register and confirm your bank account you are all set. You will be clicks away from buying your first coin.


Bitcoin security and protection is very important when it comes to crypto currency. Many people are still skeptical if bitcoin is succeed or fail to zero. Security is a #1 priority for bitcoin enthusiasts.

Guaranteed Security

Security of bitcoin once purchased is your priority. You should make sure your coins are stored in a safe place or exchange. Bitcoin’s security has been a top priority for bitcoin enthusiasts.

Bitcoin FAQs

Bitcoins (abbreviated BTC) is a new type of digital currency that is decentralized and can be used in many locations throughout the world. At this time they can only be used to make online payments. Bitcoins are the only type of money in the entire world that is not subject to bank or government regulations. Since Bitcoins are not regulated by these institutions a peer-to-peer network regulates them. This network is where all Bitcoin transactions are verified. Developed in 2008 by Sakoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoins were first made available through an open source network starting in 2009. Once this happened the popularity of Bitcoins began to grow and websites started to allow people to pay for items online and make donations to organizations using Bitcoins. At this point the total value of all the Bitcoins that have been distributed throughout the world equals more than $1 million in U.S. money.

How does Bitcoins work?

Public-key cryptography and peer-to-peer networking are both being used to not only process online payments but verify them as well. Whenever Bitcoins are transferred from one party to another it is done through e-wallets, which are basically websites that act as banks. When a user joins the Bitcoin network they are given an address and a string of letters and numbers 33 characters long. This information is used to track any transactions they make using Bitcoins. At that point, each transaction is broadcasted, preventing people from being able to use their Bitcoins more than once. Transactions involving Bitcoins are recorded with the information being spread out over six blocks. This secures the Bitcoins and assures that they reach the person or company they are meant to reach in order for the user to be able to make their payment.

As an increasing number of transactions are made using Bitcoins there is a Bitcoin network that keeps transaction records using the network so that the information is available when it is needed in the future. This process allows Bitcoins to give people a reliable and fast way to pay for items and services online.

What are the advantages of Bitcoins?

Perhaps the best advantage to using Bitcoins is that it provides people with the ability to quickly and easily send money to anyone anywhere in the world.

Since back in the day, there has been no transaction fees associated with paying with Bitcoins, making it a more cost effective way to pay for items online. This provides Bitcoin users with the freedom to send and accept payments without having to worry about paying any fees.

How do I get Bitcoins?

To get access to Bitcoins the first step is to get a Bitcoin wallet. This is an online program/network that allows Bitcoins to be sent and received over the Internet. Many websites allow people to open a Bitcoin wallet. The only things needed in order to sign up for one are a username and a password. Then you receive a Bitcoin address consisting of 33 characters.

This address is used to track the transactions made with the Bitcoins. Once a Bitcoin address is assigned, an individual can then use any cash exchange method to purchase Bitcoins online. Individuals can purchase Bitcoins online using a PayPal account or debit/credit card at some exchanges. It is important to do research before purchasing Bitcoins online because it is good to be informed about a particular website before signing up for it. Failure to do so could lead to an individual paying an illegitimate company for Bitcoins they will never get.

Places to Buy Bitcoins is one of the most popular online exchanges. Within minutes you can buy bitcoin or sell bitcoins and convert them to USD than transfer the dollars to your bank. is one of the most popular online exchanges. Within minutes you can buy bitcoin or sell bitcoins and convert them to USD than transfer the dollars to your bank. is one of the most popular online exchanges. Within minutes you can buy bitcoin or sell bitcoins and convert them to USD than transfer the dollars to your bank.